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The Gripper™ Spiral Grip is a heavy-duty, open-sleeve masturbator designed to please. The open-sleeve design allows for a grip as tight as you want it. Squeeze it tight, or loosen your grip, this masturbation session can be anything what you want it to be.

The masturbator is easy to hold, allowing you to move however you desire. The interior features sensual ridges for sensational friction and incredible stimulation. Play with the sensations of the ridges and with your grip for explosive results. Adding a high-quality lubricant can also enhance your experience. The ridges will keep the lube just where you want it, and provide the perfect glide for even more pleasure.

This Gripper™ is made of Pure Skin® material, making it feel incredibly life-like! A dual-density design gives this masturbator a firm yet flexible feel, while also providing a comfortable grip and powerful hold. • Ultra-Soft Pure Skin® Material Feels Like the Real Thing and is Maintenance Free
• Heavy-Duty and Totally Flexible
• Body Safe, Unscented, Phthalate Free
• May Be Used In or Out of the Water
• One Year Warranty
• Soft Ridges Provide Sensational Friction and Incredible Stimulation
• Open-Sleeve Design Allows for a Grip as Tight as You Want It
• Dual-Density for a Comfortable Grip and Powerful Hold

The Gripper Open Sleeve Masturbator in Orange

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