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Capturing all the excitement of from-behind sex, Adam & Eve's Bangin' Betty stroker boasts tons of touchable, lick-able detail, two separate openings to explore and a plump weightiness able to stand up to some seriously enthusiastic handling.

Generously sized yet still extremely manageable, Betty can be positioned however she'll please most effectively. Whether placed flat on the floor, over a table or propped up on pillows in bed, you'll be granted full access to an ultra-detailed vaginal opening and snug butt, plus a handful or two of plush, squeezable cheek. 

Lined with erotically raised ribs, size-varying pleasure chambers and deeply massaging nubs behind both openings, Betty's inner grip can be increased by pushing her cheeks together- take a break from one sensation and indulge in another anytime by sliding out of the pussy and into a completely separate anal canal.

In a special blend of elastomer made to look and feel fantastically lifelike, Betty is nice and weighty, squeezably elastic and temperature receptive, warming to meet body temperature with touch and play. Use lots of a good water based lubricant for maximum effect- a small opening at the back end allows for easy clean-up.

* Bangin' Berry is approximately 9.25 inches (23cm) long, 8 inches (20cm) wide and 2.5 inches (6.4cm) high.

Bangin' Betty Masturbator

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